Workflows for your Elastic Stack
Podim is a compute platform for running workflows on your Elastic Stack without needing to write code or manage servers.

Things you can do with podim
Make the
most of your
Elastic Stack
Data driven development
Acting on data as it arrives is key to data driven development, use workflows to easily tap into the data feed and take action.
Batch processing
Workflows are always on and can be used to perform batch processing easily. Decide on a time window and let the workflow run.
Automate your operations
Use workflows to automate your day to day operations and reduce overhead on your operation.
Interact with your data
Podim adds a new Field Enrichment to Kibana which lets you associate a tooltip to any field in your index patterns.
Data services
Answer internal and external data requirements by giving your users HTML/API endpoints for their queries
Built for you
Getting started is easy
Start with a blueprint
Our open-source blueprint repository offers dozens of ready made workflows. Use them to speed up your design process or as an inspiration source on how you can leverage Podim and your existing Elastic Stack.
Design your workflow
Our visual workflow designer allows you to quickly and easily design and deploy your workflows. With a simple drag and drop you can create whatever logic to meet your requirements.
Deploy to your cloud
Podim deploys your workflow to a Kubernetes cluster, this ensures it's always available and managed. Scalibility comes easy with a click of a button.
What's in the box
Podim brings compute to Elastic Stack
A scalable compute platform needs pub/sub to allow workflows to work in sync and distribute workloads. Podim comes with a built-in pub/sub engine for maximum ease.
Kibana users benefit greatly from tooltips by allowing to fetch, consolidate and present data in a concise manner on screen with a click of a button.
API Gateway
Reduce the team's overhead by designing a workflow and sending your internal and external users to HTTP/API endpoint for their data needs.
Elastic Stack
Podim exposes its functionality via a simple to install Kibana plugin. Working with Podim feels like working with any other part of the Elastic Stack.
Getting started
is easy
Be up and running in minutes